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How getting hit on by a 92 year old woman taught me a valuable marketing lesson

One of the coordinators wheeled her right next to me. As he was backing her up she looked over at me, gave a wink and stuck her tongue out at me.

This happened to me recently while visiting my grandmother in a skilled nursing community. My grandmother was at the community because she recently broke her hip. The community was in the town she was born and raised in, so she knew everyone there and right away felt welcomed.

This community had a wonderful activity director. There was something going on every day. The director planned singing, homeschooled children to do arts and crafts with the residents, animals going in and out the rooms. Every time I was there, there was something happening.

One particular day this past holiday season, me and my sister were visiting my grandma. We all went to the common area to watch a man sing and play the guitar. There was around 30-40 people and we got a front row seat.

That’s when I met her.

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