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Reach Senior Living and Senior Care Prospects the Very Moment They Need You And Create A Marketing System That Produces Exclusive Leads Month After Month… 

And do it in the next 48 hours!

"Kevin has created strategic marketing strategies that are flat out working. From generating measurable leads, through strategic direct mail and lead generation strategies, to creating referral strategies. Before hiring Kevin, we were barely getting any leads from our website. After working with him and SeniorMarketing.com we're getting multiple leads that are also getting nurtured over several months. Thank you Kevin and SeniorMarketing.com"  – Sherry Kizer, Senior Vice President of Senior Living Operations, Lexington Health Network


Kevin was the (pay per click) PPC specialist at Martino & Binzer. I recommend working with Kevin because he’s very professional, will get the job done, and most importantly get you the leads your company needs.

– Fran Palma Vice President of Digital Strategies Martino & Binzer. Leading Mature Marketing Agency

“Things have really picked up this week, with lots of emails and calls. Your advertising and website upgrades are starting to work. Plus, it has only been a few short weeks when you started your work.”
– Charles Lehberger

More and more communities and businesses are interested in increasing leads from the search engines. And they are turning to results based marketing by advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It is now possible to deliver your unique message the very moment your customers need you and pay only when they click on an ad.

It's truly possible to have a proven internet marketing system at work for you that's generating leads 48 hours from now.

Your Main Marketing Goal Should Be Creating a System To Generate Leads To Your Business Every Month. There is No Better Way To Do This As Quickly As Advertising On The Search Engines!

Having prospects chase you is more than possible with pay per click marketing. I know this because I’ve successfully managed multiple millions of dollars in senior living and senior care ad spend on the search engines. This resulted in thousands of qualified leads being generated.

“We hired Kevin to rebuild and manage our Google, Yahoo, and MSN pay per click campaigns. Within 90 days Kevin reduced wasted adspend by 320%, and helped us reach our sales goal.”

-Kyle Morham

These pay per click campaigns deliver leads month after month. And at an affordable price too!

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my education and have managed millions of dollars of ad spend in the senior living and senior care industry. I’ve bought books and courses from the industry leaders and on top of all this I have spent thousands of my own money buying traffic on Google and Yahoo.

Don’t you want your pay per click campaigns managed by someone who treats your money like it’s their own?

This is the mentality I’ve cultivated through the years and deliver at SeniorMarketing.com.

We Are Seeking a Select Few Senior Living and Senior Care Businesses Who Understand The Power of Lead Generation Created By Advertising on The Search Engines.

Setting up a valuable PPC marketing campaign goes far beyond buying clicks on Google and first page listings.

It involves diving into your business and discovering:

  • Your unique message that separates you from your competition. Do you talk about fluff or do you actually deliver something unique?
  • Does your message connect with your customer’s core buying emotion, or do you shout, “Me Too” to your customers?
  • Do you use landing pages so your customers can easily navigate and contact you? If not people will hit the back button before your website is done loading. This could be costing you valuable business!

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