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Getting Seniors & Adult Children’s Attention with Storytelling in Retirement Communities

Original Article: http://lifebio.blogspot.com/2014/01/getting-seniors-adult-childrens.html

This was a guest Post I wrote for LifeBio

“I’ve got a story to tell you…”

Those words stop us in our tracks. When a family member or friend tells us they have a story to tell, we perk up. Evolution tells us stories are hardwired in our nature. We see this in drawings on cave walls. In today’s world, we see new stories from around the world, movies entertain us with elaborate stories of fantasy, drama and love. We see stories on our computers, tablets, and in what our friends share on social media.

Stories are everywhere and especially in good marketing. Even in marketing to seniors.

Let’s say you have an aging mother, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to care for her. You’re busy working and leading a professional life, and you worry because she just had a fall, only inches from tumbling down the stairs. You decide it’s time to start looking for a community that can make both your lives easier.

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Why The Search Engines Are Giving Away Top Advertising Spots To Senior Living and Senior Care Businesses

According to search Engine Land, 43% of searches have a local intent on Google. This means people are using the major search engines to find local businesses and more information locally.

This is huge and the major search engines have been taking action on this recently.

Mobile searches are even higher. 50% of searches have local intent.

This is important because in senior living and senior care, everything is local. Unless you’re a luxury destination CCRC, your market is mostly local.

Especially when our prospects search for us online.

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How Dinner With My Sister in Brooklyn Can Help You Get More Reviews From Seniors.

My sister lives in Brooklyn NY. She lives in Williamsburg, an up and coming area. I went to visit her recently and we decided to explore a new part of town.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to go on a long bike ride to explore new areas.

After a couple hours and going down many side streets we were a little lost and tired. If you know anything about my sister, she’s terrible with directions. And if you confront her about it, she turns into a fire breathing dragon.

I didn’t want to get her too worked up so, as it wouldn’t help anything, we decided it would be good to grab a bite to eat.

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How Buying on Amazon.com Teaches Us A Powerful Lesson When Marketing To Seniors and Adult Children.

We now live in a world where prospects are seeing Peer Reviews of Your Community BEFORE you even get to present them your message, BEFORE they see your website, and BEFORE they come in for a tour.

Have you ever purchased something from Amazon before…?

Now has your purchase decision been by reading reviews beforehand…?

Reviews are extremely powerful. Like testimonials, they let your prospects peer into what life is actually like at your community or your agency. And this is before even seeing your sales messages.

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Advice Column: What is the best way to market for a non-medical home care company?

We've been getting a lot of questions lately from people looking for marketing advice.

I've been writing rather lengthy responses and got the idea to turn it into an advice column. So every week I'll be adding a new question and answer section on our blog.

This week a subscriber asks, "What is the best way to market for a non-medical home care company? What approach is the most effective with the referral sources we are looking to work with?"

This is a rather large question and it comes down to a couple things.

One, you didn't list the referral sources that you are looking to work with, so I will talk about them in general.

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