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Retirement Community Objections and Wishes

When it comes to senior living prospects, there's many emotions in seniors and their adult children. Below is a list of objections I've came up with along with wishes and desires that they have.

Can you come up with more? Put them in the comment area.


Fear is main emotion

1.      I’m not ready yet

2.      I can’t afford it

3.      Don’t want ot face reality

4.      It’s a nursing home

5.      I want to age at home

6.      Want to be near loved ones

7.      Can’t deal with downsizing

8.      I’m not old

9.      Don’t want to sell house in this market

10.  My investments tanked

11.  I will lose my independence

12.  Don’t want to spend life savings

13.  Love my privacy

14.  Want my pets with me

15.  Don’t want to start over with new people

16.  I’ll die sooner <<Opposite is true

17.  It’s cheaper to live at home

18.  I wont get good care


1.      Independence

2.      Control

3.      Easier living

4.      Conserve their money

5.      Culture

6.      Continue the life I love

7.      Family and loved ones

8.      Clean land inviting

9.      Medical support -0- plan for health

10.  Familiarity

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