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A Concussion, My First Pair Of Glasses, And Senior Living Marketing

When I was about 10 years old, I can remember sitting in the classroom squinting. I remember being in the very last row with squinting to see what my teacher was writing on the chalkboard.

I didn't necessarily understand what was going on, it just kind of happened, but things were starting to get out of focus.

One day my mother was watching me fly a kite. It wasn’t a very windy day, so I had to run to keep the kite up in the air. I kept looking back at the kite to watch it fly, and when I was looking back, I ran right into a tree giving myself a concussion. My mother said she was watching, and it looked like I bounced off the tree. She refused to admit her son was doing something moronic, and blamed it on my vision, and said I needed to go see an eye doctor.

The doctor explained, I was squinting because it would help bring things into focus and  that I needed glasses. I dreaded the thought of this!

She brought out the big alphabet chart on the wall and the only thing I could see was the big E. I literally couldn't see anything else. She put the lenses in front of me in and I was amazed that things were brought into focus again.

When I put on my first pair of glasses on things were immediately brought into focus. I could see things in the distance, read the board, see birds flying in the sky, colors were more vivid, and I really, really appreciated what I had lost.

Being a young kid, I was a little self-conscious wearing them. I didn’t want to be that little kid wearing glasses. But I could see again and that’s what matters most.

Are You Blind To Your Senior Living Marketing Efforts?

A lot of times when we start working with a new client, it’s the first time they’ve ever started to track their marketing activities scientifically. They seem to have a similar effect as I did when I put on my first pair of glasses.

They’re seeing how much a customer or resident is worth to them, and they're seeing how much it's costing them to acquire these customers. This is a dramatic experience for a lot of people. Things coming to focus that were once blurry.

Only about 5% of people actually know how much their customers are worth to them and when they do find out, they start taking their marketing seriously because it’s often tens of thousands of dollars. Then they see why it’s important to increase the value after knowing how much they’re worth and work to increase their profits.

So let me ask you, do you need marketing glasses for your efforts to come into focus?

I've wrote a free guide for you to calculate important senior livng marketing metrics which you can find at this link.

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Kevin Williams About Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is the president of SeniorMarketing.com. At SeniorMarketing.com we have developed a system to help senior living communities and senior care services connect with seniors and caregivers who truly need their services and increase the company’s bottom-line profits with a lot more ease. We do this through utilizing Gorilla marketing tactics and technology to measure return on investment. To schedule a free 30-minute Marketing Tune-up, please call 1-888-523-3311

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