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2 Must Know Senior Living Marketing Metrics. How Much Money is Your Community Leaving On The Table?

This is a guest article I wrote for NewLifestyles.com.

A good senior living marketing program is a combination of art and science. It is important to connect with seniors and caregivers on an emotional level, know their frustrations, desires, and motivators. Requiring them to take action involves the art of knowing them so well, you can write a page from their diary. On the other hand, there is the scientific aspect of senior living marketing. You must know the performance numbers of multiple marketing mediums, multiple exposures, and the results of any tests you happen to be performing. There are response numbers, inquiry ratios, tour ratios, and move in ratios. It is a difficult task knowing what the most important area to focus on with your senior living marketing. In this article, I am going to introduce some fundamental marketing metrics that will bring clarity to your marketing efforts and allow you to finally know the value of your residents.

In the Q & A section of a recent popular senior living publication, a reader asked what was the most critical marketing metric to pay attention to for a senior living community and why?

There were some good responses, including one senior living executive saying occupancy is the most critical element to know. Other executives responded saying the most important senior living marketing measurement would be a number of different elements including inquiry-to-tour and tour-to-move in ratios.

Full article: http://blog.newlifestyles.com/2013/03/20/most-important-marketing-numbers/

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