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How to use Online Reviews and Local Search to Increase Leads and Occupancy

One of the least understood – And one of the deepest sources of pain and frustration in acquiring new residents through online marketing mediums is…

Prospects are now seeing Peer Reviews of Your Community BEFORE you even get to present them your message, BEFORE they see your website, and BEFORE they come in for a tour.

“88% of consumers ‘sometimes or always’ consult reviews before making a purchase.  -Reevoo,2012”

If reviews of your community on third party sites, do not drive people to your website, get them eager to learn more, and pick up the phone and schedule a tour…

Your internet marketing program is missing a huge link.

Symptoms of a weak Review Program: Traffic to your website is dropping off because of a couple or few bad reviews. Or your sales people hear prospects mention “bad online review” during conversations.

Many times you think you need more traffic to your website, and more advertising, but it’s really an online reputation problem.

You will be amazed at what happens when you solve that problem – how much MORE easily it is to convert online leads into tours, and how much smoother the sales process flows.

Major search engines understand the importance of reviews. They are now GIVING AWAY their top advertising spots to local businesses. Not having a top free listing full of reviews is like throwing away all of Rumpelstiltskin’s spun gold.

That’s why on Wednesday November 6th at 1pm Eastern Time, Amelia Wilson of SeniorAdvisor.com and Kevin Williams of SeniorMarketing.com are doing a presentation on “How to use Online Reviews and Local Search to Increase Leads and Occupancy.”

Join us to hear:

  • 5 easy to implement strategies to build raving reviews for your community.
  • How to claim your FREE listing the search engines are giving away, and what factors it takes to get to the top of the search results.
  • Insider secrets on how to remove negative reviews entirely, or how to respond in a way that strengthens your community’s image.
  • 2 current, real-life examples of communities that are successfully implementing a strong review program and how you can too.
  • The legal cans and cant’s of reviews. Recent companies had to pay $350,000 in fines for breaking these violations.
  • 4 ways to use your online reviews in an offline environment to strengthen your marketing and sales process.
  • 3 covert and easy ways to monitor your reputation online and legally spy on your competition.

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To your success,

Kevin Williams & Amelia Willson