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6 Secrets To Getting A Top Listing on Google For Your Senior Living Community Or Home Care Agency.

How To Get A FREE, Top Ranking Google® Listing in 30 days or Less. Strategies to help you achieve a FREE top listing on Google Places for your senior community or senior care business…rise above your competition…gain valuable insights…and acquire new customers 24/7.

Everyday, I come across people who have been ripped off by an internet marketing company saying how hard and technical it is to get a first page ranking on Google, or how you need social media to survive. I’m passionate about what I do, have learned on my own dime, and am certified by Google. I created this guide to help senior living communities get useful information to grow their community’s presence online.

You’re about to discover how I get top local rankings on Google Places for my clients (I explain what Google Places is in just a minute). What follows is a comprehensive guide on the factors Google uses when ranking businesses, and how to use them to your advantage.

In this senior living Google local listing guide you'll learn: 

  • That 20-30% of all searches on the internet have local intent
  • Why picking a name for your listing is so important. Choose wrong and you may never see your listing.
  • How to choose the right categories (keywords) to achieve top rankings in your town.
  • 6 proven steps to selecting categories on Google places.
  • Quick 4 step process to identifying your most important keywords.
  • Why getting listed in other places besides Google's local listing can actually boost your rankings on Google's search results.
  • 5 proven and tested ways to get raving reviews for your senior living community or home care agency.
  • Critical information about your business you've never been able to see before.
  • Other factors that help give you a top listing on Google search results.

In this guide I hold nothing back. Everything is designed to get you top results for your agency or community. To get your copy of "6 Secrets To Getting A Top Listing on Google For Your Senior Living Community Or Home Care Agency" just enter your name and email in the top right and we'll send it to you by email right away. NOTE: You will first have to verify that you want the guide from us with a confirmation link just to make sure you're not a robot.

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