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senior-living-publicationsThe Senior Living and Home Care Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide.

Get your community or agency's website searchable…become a resource in your community… build more relationships… and help you get qualified leads 24/7.

Many people in marketing make search engine optimization (SEO) to be very overwhelming and technical. Everywhere you turn today there are people shouting about SEO and social media. There’s blogs, forums, paid products, agencies, consultants. SEO and social media are being talked about everywhere! 

These places make it seem so complicated and want you as a client so badly. And you get overwhelmed and never get rankings for your community. On average the top 5 SEO results get somewhere in the range of 70-90% of the clicks. That’s why there’s so much commotion over its importance.

It certainly is very important to implement a strong SEO campaign in your market and maintain high rankings. My goal with this guide is to demystify the SEO process and help you get your community a high ranking.

Here's what you'll discover in this important senior living SEO guide:

  • How to get a free top listing on Google search results in 30 days or less.
  • Why your listing is almost worthless if you're not in the top 5 search results.
  • Discover the two types of SEO and which one is more important to getting you ranked.
  • A complete guide to on-page SEO. Discover what the various aspects are and how to implement them. Ex. Title tags, meta data, headlines, sitemaps, Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, broken links, 301 redirects, etc…
  • 6 ways to promote your website properly and increase rankings on Google and more importantly attract new residents and customers.
  • Why in order to use Google's Advertising platform you need a compliant website with all the important SEO factors.

This guide reveals the essential factors you must know just to get your website to rank on Google's first page. If you'd like to get this free senior living SEO guide, then please sign up at the top right and we'll email you your guide right away. NOTE: You will first have to verify that you want the guide from us with a confirmation link just to make sure you're not a robot.

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