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Discover The 3 Essential Pillars Of Highly Profitable Home Care Marketing

How successful home care businesses are using advanced marketing strategies and innovation to have incredible profits, grab the lion’s share of their market, and how you can too.

It’s a whole new world in home care. A world of fierce competition, financial uncertainty, and scared prospects. The future of healthcare and the looming debt crisis hangs over this industry like a dark, stormy cloud. 

To add to the chaos, technology and media bombard your prospects. Tablets, phones, computers, Internet TVs … New forms evolve monthly, and confusion is abundant.

The only thing consistent in the home care industry is change.

Just look at what we’re facing in home care:

  • Future retirees will live on just 73 percent of their work income compared with the 80 percent that current retirees live on. Factor in higher future health care costs and the figure falls to 55 percent. – AARP
  • Currently, 93% of those over 65 are on Medicare, which alone is estimated to cost more than $500 billion in federal spending in fiscal year 2013. – Accenture
  • Even with the decline on the construction side, the industry has continued to add units to the inventory. – National Investment Center for the Senior Housing & Care Industry
  • More boomers aged 45 to 64 are heading into retirement saddled with mortgages and paying more for healthcare than their age peers of 20 years ago – National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA)
  • Members of the 55-to-64 age group were just as likely as those ages 18 to 34 to have high-definition televisions, digital video recorders and broadband service. – The New York Times

To Survive in Today’s Home Care Environment Takes Advanced Marketing Strategies and Innovation.

The famous Peter Drucker said, “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business."

Those words of wisdom couldn’t be truer in home care today. In 2013 and beyond, there's going to be a shift from focusing on finance and operations to marketing and innovation. Finance and operations are still as important, but this is just today's environment.

When your prospect or caregiver begins their search, they are bombarded by a dozen, in some markets two dozen or more senior care and senior living options.

Knowing your prospects KNOW they have choices is crucial to your success and profits.

By signing up on the top right, you will get all of the knowledge to enjoy high profits in competitive and uncertain times. It is certainly worth your time and if you decide to take action, you’ll be much better off.

Here’s what you’ll discover about home care marketing:

Pillar #1: How To Increase Profits Through Advanced Marketing Strategies.

  • ​Discover how to see the world through your prospect’s eyes and uncover their motives, desires, frustrations.
  • How learning from pro sports teams can help you develop a powerful marketing strategy.
  • Learn The 3 main reasons why seniors even consider home care.
  • Develop a powerful marketing strategy unique to you to increase profits

Pillar #2: Secrets To Increasing The Value Of Your Customers.

  • Why you’re doing a disservice to your customers if you are only providing them with home care.
  • How Cross-selling, up-selling, and forming alliances puts cash in the bank. (Plus, specific companies you can contact today to increase profits)
  • Discover the biggest asset you have. (Hint: It’s not your business)

Pillar # 3: Improve Marketing Efficiency Through Technology And Proven Principles

  • Discover how to lower your cost to acquire a customer by 10%, 20%, even 50%!
  • Learn about advance tracking mechanisms that let you really focus on Return on Investment
  • How to leverage every aspect of your marketing and sales process to put superior forces to work and gain the lion’s share of your market.

The Knowledge of the 3 Pillars of Highly Profitable Home Care Businesses Is Here…
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