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“SEO And Social Media Domination”
DOMINATE The Search Results For Your Senior Living or Senior Care Business!

SEO Has Changed. If Your Business is Not Dominating Multiple Listings and Channels Then Your Competition is Stealing Your Customers!

The senior living and care industry is coming to the internet in groves.

Everyone is frantically searching how to how to get traffic to their websites. They read about how SEO can bring visitors searching for their services on Google’s search engine.

Then they realize they need to hire an SEO company because they just don’t have the time to learn and implement everything.

This is perfectly fine except for one thing…

Most Senior Living and Care “SEO Companies” Are Using Stone Aged Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

See, they focus on one static website to get one listing onto Google’s search engine without promoting it. And the’re shooting in the dark as to the keywords to rank your website for. How do you know the phrases your “SEO” company is ranking your website for is going to generate leads?

This is a lot like getting lottery numbers from fortune cookies!

Now Imagine Dominating Multiple Page One Rankings For Multiple Keywords and Multiple Channels. For Phrases You Know That Generates Leads.

What would that do to your business?

It’s possible to dominate search engines like this when you take a comprehensive approach to SEO and utilize several media channels online to create a powerful resource to caregivers and seniors.

Your Senior Living Community or Senior care Business Needs Leads and Sales To Stay Alive.

Imagine what it can do for your business when you’re dominating page one of Google’s search results. Having multiple listings on page one greatly increases the chances your customers will contact you and not your competition. If you can’t tell by now, this is much more than what your typical senior living and senior care SEO service provides.

This senior living and senior care SEO domination service is for businesses who understand the power of lead generation through search engine optimization.

Just a forewarning, this service isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot more effort to dominate the SEO results.

We do this through a unique interview process designed to position you as the authority on senior living, senior care and caregiving in your market.

All it takes is one 30 minute interview per month. Here’s what we can generate from one 30 minute interview that the search engines love.

Quality Audio Interview
A professional audio interview positioning you as the expert in your industry

High Quality Articles
Articles written with proven practices to get you published and attract readers to learn more.

High Quality Video
Video published to youtube to distribute the interview to other viewers online.

Press Release Distribution To Local News Outlets
Local news outlets are starving for high quality knowledge based articles.

Social Sharing
Your authority comes into display by sharing your expertise with your social circles.

Whitepaper Transcript
Audio is converted into a whitepaper transcript that is a high quality lead generation piece.

2 Separate Blog Posts
More content for your viewers and the search engines to pick up on

Custom Email
Alert your prospects and customers about your new content and further position yourself as the authority.

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