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Marketing Director Elite Introduction and Rules 

  1. Senior Livng and Home Care Marketing Director Elite is intended to help participants improve sales conversion rates, customer service skills, personal development, customer loyalty and marketing implementation ideas and your overall mindset around sales, marketing and customer service.  Small incremental improvements in one or more of these areas will result in huge gains during the current year and years to come.
  2. New sessions will be posted on Tuesday of each week.  You will be sent a new password weekly after the session is posted.
  3. As long as you have the current password, you will have access to all archived sessions.
  4. After each session, please write a one paragraph synopsis of what you learned and how you’ll apply it to your daily activities.  Please send this synopsis to the leadership of your company. Doing this is an important part of learning and accountability, which is also an important part of learning.
  5. There are hundreds of communities and agencies listening to these sessions each week. Everybody has different backgrounds, experience and circumstances.  Therefore, some sessions might not be 100% relevant to you. Please take what applies to you from each session and do your best to apply it.
  6. Most of the material taught is fundamental in nature.  Executing and being reminded of fundamentals is an important part of success in everything.  Therefore, some content might not be “new” to you.  This is intentional and meant to serve as a reminder of the fundamentals that are proven to work.
  7. This program is intended to help those who listen to it become better at their job and more successful and happy in their overall life.  Some sessions will include personal development topics and personal stories.  Becoming an Elite marketing director requires excellence in many areas.
  8. This program is priced and structured so that if you only get one extra resident or client every few months, you still get a great return on your investment.  You might not enjoy or benefit from all sessions.  We understand this and ask that you look for the nugget in each lesson and apply them wherever it makes sense for you.
  9. Some sessions will repeat a topic, but approach the subject from a different angle.  Repetition and immersion are an important part of learning so this is highly intentional.
  10. Have fun with this, share feedback and enjoy the opportunity to learn a secret here and there that will help you in all areas of your life and profession.
  11. These sessions are UNSCRIPTED and UNEDITED.  We want you to hear this content in the raw so you can connect with the teacher and relate to the natural sound of the lessons rather than an over-polished presentation.  We focus more on content than quality of delivery or recording as content and implementation will generate results.
  12. If you have questions or suggestions, we not only accept them, but encourage you to send them to info@seniormarketing.com