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Thanks for your interest in our free interview series, "Genius Minds of Senior Living and Senior Care". In this interview series, you’ll discover short, powerful strategies and tactics from leading business experts in senior living and senior care to help make your business more successful. Each interview features a 30-minute interview along with the whitepaper transcript where an expert reveals their single best business-building secret and shows you exactly how to apply it to your business.

For example, you’ll discover:

  • #1: Senior Living Executive Director With 30+ Years Experince Managing Communities Up To $200 Million In Gross Revenue Reveals Hidden Secrets Of Success., Michael Coler, Founder and Principal, Senior Services Consultation
  • #2: How To Partnering With Physicians To Offer A Valuable Service, Increase The Lifetime Value Of Customers, And Reduce Attrition Rates., Steven Fuller, President and Physician, House Calls
  • #3: How To Connect With Prospects Emotionally, Understand Their Pain Points, and Stand Out From The Crowd!., Carol Marak Founder of Carebuzz
  • #4: Discover How Creating A Culture Of Community Can Boost Sales. Cody Hetzel Sales Director of Savannah Square
  • #5: Why It's Time To Update Language Geared Toward Seniors, And Increase Revenue In The Process, Bill Warne CCRC Sales Vitality
  • #6: How To Innovate Your Community By Making A Better Environment For Your Residents And Their Families., Josh Silldorff Founder at BrightLife Innovations

Genius Minds of Senior Living™ is a series of interviews that taps into the wisdom and knowledge of leading experts, authors and gurus in senior living and home care.

The series features experts in our field, which serves the dual-purpose of benefiting both listeners and interview participants alike.

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SeniorMarketing.com is a unique provider of marketing and advertising information and services exclusively to the senior living and homecare industry. We continue to help owner/operators all over the country dominate their local market with unique marketing and advertising strategies.

Benefit to Participants:

As an interview participant, because your interview is published digitally and a whitepaper transcription is made, it can be used as a marketing tool to establish credibility and solidify your expertise in the eyes of your prospects and customers – whether you’re an owner/operator, executive, director – or serve as a vendor in the industry.

There’s no charge to participate, but guests are hand-selected and invited to join either by invitation or application only (see below for details if you’d like to be considered.)

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Guests are considered either by invitation or application. To apply, please send an email to info [at] seniormarketing [dot] com: GENIUS MINDS OF SENIOR LIVING APPLICATION.

Please include your full name, business, phone number and why you think you’d be a good fit for this series and we'll respond ASAP.





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